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“Tiden är NU!” #5 People in organizations

On web radio AV EGEN KRAFT

On July 8th, Mohammed Bashir Abdi will be the guest of the webradio program "Tiden är NU!" hosted by Rolf and Alicia Medina.Mohammed has a long career within the Swedish job market at Arbetsförmedlingen. The focus of the talk will be the human aspect in organizations which is one of the 12 areas of the […]

“Tiden är NU!” #6 Leadership

On web radio AV EGEN KRAFT

In the August episode (12/8) of "Tiden är NU!", Rolf and Alicia Medina will discuss leadership together with two exceptional guests: Johan Ivari, officer, agile coach and teacher at the Swedish National Defense College, Department of Leadership and Management. AND Torbjörn Engelkes, Lieutenant Colonel, Teacher at the Leadership Department (Swedish National Defense College) and Doctoral […]

“Tiden är NU!” #7 Decision Making

On web radio AV EGEN KRAFT

The theme of September episode (9/9) of "Tiden är NU!" is Decision Making and The Human Element and will be discussed by Rolf and Alicia Medina together with Carl Maximilian Tropé from Tropé Consulting. <<Lyssna på avsnittet här>> _________ Temat för septemberavsnittet (9/9) av "Tiden är NU!" är beslutsfattande och det mänskliga elementet. Det kommer […]

Book Release event #1 @Tenco, Malmö

Tenco Humlegatan 4, Malmö, Sweden

Alicia and Rolf Medina will present their newest book "Teal, Tillit, Transparens" in a series of events around Sweden, starting in September 2021. On September 21st, in the beautiful location of Tenco (Malmö), they will have an open house event between h.17-19 where the main focus of the book will be discussed: self-organisation and the […]

Book Release event #2 in Gothenburg

ProAgile Mölndalsvägen 26, Gothenburg, Sweden

On September 22st, Allicia and Rolf Medina will be hosted by ProAgile in Göteborg for an open house event between h.17-19 where they will discuss about the main topic of the book: self-organisation and the democratisation of the workplace. It will also be a time for celebrations and networking, where snacks and drinks will be served. During this event, some of […]