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Alicia Co-founder

New Ways of Organising, OrgDev, Agile journeys, Self-management, Teal

PhD Strategy and Management, 2012
B.Sc. Organisational Psychology, 2005
M.Sc. Mathematic & Computer Science, 1992
B.Sc. Mathematic & Computer Engineering, 1991


I have worked as a consultant and within line management roles in the corporate world in Sweden, Asia, South America and Europe as well as within the Academia for many years and for several companies.

Now I consider myself a “Boundary Spanner” within several areas such as:

  • The “Practitioner – Scholar” where I am part of both Academia and Professional Business, having the capacity to connect both worlds, mixing the Practitioner’s and the Researcher’s view.
  • The Digital – Leader” building bridges between IT/IS technologies & digitalisation with business. Having adeep competence on these areas and the curiosity to learn and continuously develop.


I am passionate about people and leadership and have a genuine interest in technology. During the past 4 years I have been researching and providing Consulting services in New Ways of Organising based on self-organising and Teal organisation.



Rolf Co-founder

New ways of Organizing and Agile & Digital journeys

Boundary spanner that connects academia and business.

I have long experience from leading digitalisations initiatives and organizational development in multicultural environments.

I feel committed when I can work with organizations and people in the transition into healthy organizing based on Teal, Sociocracy, and self-organizing. Another area where I feel engagement is working with liberation of competence meaning when people can use their strengths and passion.

Currently, I work as Advisor, Consultant, and Trainer, Former Associate Professor at Umeå University and Module Leader for SCM within the M.Sc. Program in Strategic Management of Projects at UCL (University College London).


Rolf Medina - FOO Sweden
PhD Management, 2016
M.Sc. Project Management, 2009
B.Sc. Mechatronics & Computer Engineering, 1989


The new organizing paradigm include focus on collaboration and co-creation. We work with collaborators to create the best value for our customers and for society.

Releasing the unrealized potential

By providing leadership support and guidance to organizations about self-organizing, modern ways of work and about how to move into the future.