Inpactful journey made for your company



Learning Experiences

Today’s complex and fast-changing environment requires organisations that are resilience and people’s engagement. This imply that we need to learn and re-learn, that organizations need to adopt new ways to operate. It can be e.g., the way that meetings are carried on, how feedback is provided and how decisions are made.

Our believe is that with the help of workshops were participants are active, have room to reflect and experience, organizations can make a move towards a better culture and way of being.

Future of Organizing designs and facilitates Workshops based on the needs, conditions, and possibility of each company. We have especially designed workshops for organizations that want to release the full potential of the leadership team or are on the journey towards self-organizing, Teal, and decentralized decision making.

To make those workshops and journeys impactful and successful we use digital tools and concepts that that are both evidence-based and practical proven.

Among them are:

  • REPI (Reflection, Elaboration, Participation, Investigation) – See video >>
  • the DP model
  • R&F (Retrospective and Feedforward)
  • Culture Design Canvas (In collaboration with Fearless Culture)
  • Reflective Learning
  • BUA (Before, Under, After) – Meetings with meaning and results
  • H&F (Hopes and Fears)
  • AI (Appreciative Inquiry)
  • Open Space
  • World Café
  • Design Thinking

Releasing the unrealized potential

By providing leadership support and guidance to organizations about self-organizing, modern ways of work and about how to move into the future.