The Company



is a Swedish company based in Malmö.

FoO was founded in 2019 by the researchers and organizational improvers Alicia Medina and Rolf Medina. It came to light based on the belief that the world is in the middle of a new people-centred organisational paradigm shift and in need of new expertise, tools and concepts that supports this new approach. Among the new ways of organising are TEAL, self-organising, Sociocracy and network-based organizations

FoO’s Purpose is to help leaders and organisations to re-learn and move towards becoming democratised workplaces where people can flourish”

FoO’s Mission is to “make research results applicable and accessible and to become one of the most influential companies within the support of new ways of organizing”

Future of organization

Releasing the unrealized potential

By providing leadership support and guidance to organizations about self-organizing, modern ways of work and about how to move into the future.