Inspirational Talks

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Inspirational Talks

Is your organisation rethinking the current leadership or ways of organising?

Perhaps you are familiar with Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations and would like to hear about how to start a journey towards Teal in your organisation.

Are you seeking for inspiration to move towards a different culture in which people are at the center of the organization?

Alicia and Rolf Medina’s latest book TEAL, TRUST, TRANSPARENCY is considered a guide to achieving this. Their inspirational talks have been the starting point for several organizations and teams to develop new ways of leading, organizing, and collaborating based on TEAL, sociocracy, and self-organizing.

During the inspirational talks, they will share among other things, their research, experiences, examples, and learnings from self-organized/Teal companies around the world. They have found out that by sharing this knowledge, teams can get insights about the alternatives that exist and get inspired to act in their organisations.

Furure of Organizing’s talks are designed for each company depending on needs and priorities or the interests of the team.

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By providing leadership support and guidance to organizations about self-organizing, modern ways of work and about how to move into the future.