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The Swedish model of self-organizing

10 August 2023 11:00 - 13:00

A two-hour online event organized by Basku Metodas.

What does it take for organizations to open up to the future and people in them to thrive?

Alicia and Rolf Medina, PhDs in management and well-known business consultants in Sweden, spent three years researching modern organizations and management models, interviewed more than 300 people, studied over 100 companies and talked to dozens of world-class experts and researchers in the field. During their research, they met individuals in various countries around the world who, independently of each other, are creating radically better work environments and looking at organising and leading from a systemic perspective.
They were looking for tangible and actionable realities to combine into a new model for our ever-evolving world. This is how the DP – Distributed Power – operating model of organizations was born. It covers 12 different areas that organizations need to consider in order to move into the future – some of those areas are people, culture, finance, reward system, and technology.
This model is based on the insight that there is a global paradigm shift about how we perceive ourselves and our activities. The new paradigm means that organizations become human-cantered, and power is not concentrated to managers alone. It is clear that the command-and-control management style that has dominated the past century, no longer works. Many organizations are considering changing the way they operate, but don’t know where to start.
Alicia and Rolf skilfully combine the worlds of science and business, drawing inspiration from decades of their own work experience at companies such as IKEA, Ericsson, Sony, and AstraZeneca, as well as academic work at universities in Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, and Uruguay.

In this online event you will participating together with the Lithuanian network “Living Organizations” which will open up for rich conversations and perspectives.

Alicia and Rolf will present the DP model in detail, which they also described in their latest book “Teal Trust Transparency: a guide for self-organizing and new ways to organize and lead”. The book is already considered a continuation of Frederik Laloux’s well known “Reinventing Organizations” and is a practical guide. Available on amazon:

50 Eur + 21% VAT = 60,5 Eur or for Swedish participants 700 SEK including VAT (MOMS)
Directly to the Organizers: Basky Medotas by MB “Lalal” (incl. 306166804), Swedbank AB, LT857300010174723074.
For Swedish participants by Swish to Future Of Organizing 1232853927.
Please mark the payment with your email address and “Presentation of the DP model”

Until August 8. via Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/events/vedi-kaspo-i-ris-saviorganizaci7089320370989633536/about/
A link to the meeting will be sent to confirmed participants.

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10 August, 2023
11:00 - 13:00
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