To all our listeners we announce that the podcast “Tiden är nu!” is temporarily paused. We will finish this season with the 14th episode about the “Regenerative Approach” with Maria Wahlberg and Tobias Tagesson. We are working in a new set of episodes that will bring more useful information and inspiring ideas to you.

You can find all episodes listed on our Linkedin page here if you wish to listen to any of them again or you can also go to our Podcast section on our webpage here and on the Av Egen Kraft Radio website!

Even though the podcast “Tiden är nu!” is temporarily paused, we will return as soon as manageable, in a new format with discussions and different panels with related experts and profile figures. You know you can expect the best professionals when it comes to our guests and research focus!

So please stay in touch with us through our newsletter and our linkedin page as we are still active in a lot of other events, conferences, seminaries and other happenings where we can still share with each other knowledge and good practices.

“Tiden är nu!” will come back soon, but it the meantime we want to say a big THANKS to all those who listened to the airing program and all the others who checked that out later on the web archive. And thank you also to those who will keep listening to the past episodes while it is paused!

See you all again very soon.