Meet us at the Göteborg’s Bokmässan 2022 between 22-25 September. Rolf and Alicia Medina will present their latest book “Teal. Tillit. Transparens” and for meeting and discuss their research topics with all the fair participants and guests!

Get ready and meet FoO at the Göteborg’s Bokmässan 2022. The team is overwhelmingly excited for this mighty chance to attend such an annual highly participated event that is committed to spreading knowledge, and this year even more so considering the extra-tema chosen to give voice to the current Ukranian struggle, which is also very dear to FoO’s heart (we have talked about our solidarity actions in our latest Newsletter).

The tickets to the fair are still on sale with a special early-birds price up until June 30th, so we recommend to not miss the chance to grab one in due time! Here’s the official vendor link.

We hope to have the possibility to meet many of you there and have the knowledge-sharing discussions that always encourage us in making even more good research and publications on the future of work and organizing.

Come and meet us!