We are thrilled to announce that Alicia Medina will join the Jury of the Modern Work Award 2022!

The Modern Work Award opens up new opportunities to showcase the work and the achievements of companies that are moving towards modern ways of working. The award focuses on how these companies work and collaborate internally.

The  Award was launched in 2021, with the first-ever international Modern Work Award being held digitally. True to the spirit of the project, it was participated by a true diverse pool of applicants from various fields of industry, different countries from 4 continents.
The Selection Categories were Modern Work Explorer, Modern Work Performer and Modern Work Shaper, chosen in alignment with the Modern Work Principles, i.e. Principles For Modern Ways Of Working.

But what does that mean?
Modern Work means way of work that pivot on purpose-driven, value-based and people-focused aspects, based on well working and up-to-date approaches. Thus Modern Work stands for all the good practices that bring value and contribute to the development of a better working environment.
Our key learnings are: 1- be able to choose why we do what we do; 2- be able to decide in which direction we want to develop; 3- embrace work so that it can strengthen us.
Modern Work Principles enable work to become a meaningful part of our lives thanks to Purpose-driven initiatives. They enhance the adoption of a fostered growth mindset and explore and follow our path through uncertainty.
The People-first approach pushes for a more people-oriented workplace. Skill-based initiatives give people the space they need to excel, thrive and shine their own light. Modern work supports skills-oriented initiatives to help people to embrace what they are good at.

Last but not least, we may name other Modern Work Principles such as: Value driven effort, Learning and sharing culture, Sustainability, Self-leadership & Responsibility, Transparency, and Impact-orientation.
Work needs to bring added value in order to bring impact. Modern Work strives for a well balanced approach, where work pays off without exploitation of people and the planet.

Inspiring and experienced people will judge over the participating initiatives at the Modern Work Award 2022. A brilliant group of forward-thinkers from around the world who are thrilled to award the most promising applications!

We are looking for a great award journey in 2022 and are thrilled to embrace and honor modern ways of working again. Stay informed and become part of the award. The online award ceremony will take place June 23rd in 2022!

The application process is scheduled for around April 2022! Sign up here to get all the latest news in time.