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Sociocratic Agile: How to Marry Sociocracy and Scrum

04 May 2023 16:30 - 17:15

Rolf Medina will participate during the Annual Global Sociocracy Conference 2023 with the presentation “Sociocratic Agile: How to Marry Sociocracy and Scrum”.  In this session, we will discuss how sociocracy can be used as a governance model for Scrum and vice versa; how Scrum can be used within an organization based on Sociocracy. Scrum is today the most popular agile method, especially in product development, but also for other types of business. However, many organizations struggle with managing different Scrum teams with different backlogs that often have different priorities.Dive into the topic by participating in this session.

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4 May, 2023
16:30 - 17:15
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Sociocracy for All