After the success of the first edition in Swedish, the book Teal, Trust, Transparency is available in English on Amazon since May 2023. The book is considered a reference and a practical guide on how to organize and lead based on Teal and modern ways of organizing.

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Teal, Trust, Transparency was written by the boundary spanners Alicia and Rolf Medina. Together, they analyzed more than 100 organizations and developed a framework to help companies move to a new human-centered and systemic paradigm. A human-centered organization is a place where the leader is not a holder of power. The model proposed by Alicia and Rolf is called Distributed Power model (DP model) which consists of twelve different areas that need to be considered in every organization that wants to evolve and be part of the future.

The book is written in a way that is concrete, filled with examples, learnings, insights, and addresses a wide audience in organizations like managers, employees, HR professionals but also will be of interest to politicians, students, and leaders. If your organization has started or will start its journey towards a more progressive way of organizing this is a must-read.

The book is available on Amazon now!