The annual meeting is the most important event for a tenants association, so this was the main topic of our interview with Bostadsrätterna with Alicia and Rolf Medina of Future of Organizing.

They have highlighted the crucial role of involved members and the importance of getting everybody on board, for this, will create the premises for a better internal democracy.

This means that more votes can be heard and enhance the transparency of the collective work done. One way to get to this point is to create an inclusive association culture and, in order to do that, the responsibility obviously lies within all the residents.
A prerequisite for changing an organization in a more democratic and inclusive direction is to participate in as many group events as possible, and by coming in with suggestions. No change happens automatically, you always have to work for it!
During the interview with Bostadsrätterna Alicia addressed the incredible importance of the introduction process when people move in and relocate.
In associations where many have lived for a long time, it can be easy to fall into the culture of we and them when somebody new moves in nearby. But each member have to fight this feeling within themselves and understand that it leads into something very counterproductive for their own community, undermining the stability of the democratic process and wellbeing of the association as a whole.

Alicia and Rolf’s best tips are:

  • Have a Community Manager in the board.
  • A well-defined Introduction Process for newcomers aimed at creating inclusion.
  • Autonomous Working Groups aimed at creating commitment.
  • An Organizational Culture where people feel welcome to ask for advice, which provides better decisions.
  • Transparent Communication can be understood by everyone, as a crucial requirement for creating commitment and inclusion.
  • Annual General Meetings should keep the focus on the present as well as on the future, not only on what has already been done.

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