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Competence Management

An evidence-based framework for competence management and talent utilization. That supports the new approach Teal

To be use for:

  • Assessing competence as a wholeness based on capabilities, skills, and knowledge
  • Fitting the right person to the right role or tasks
  • Keeping track of current competence in an organization
  • Finding hidden talents and competence
  • Enabling individuals to own their competence journey
  • Finding open tasks and roles
  • Competence development
  • Performance management
  • Following up on competence development investments
  • Predicting Engagement
  • Collaboration over organisational borders

HEP-online is the only solution for competence management on the market that support self-organizing  and agile ways of working.


Democratizing the workplace

By providing guidance and spreading knowledge as well as tools for self-organizing and progressive ways of work.